Learning Swedish Online: Three Apps At A Glance

Learning Swedish Online: Three Apps At A Glance

You may feel relieved or disappointed if I tell you that this post isn´t about Duolingo. Being one of the 35 languages available there, alongside with Hawaiian and Swahili, Swedish isn´t THAT exotic. Thus I tested three alternative resources (all available for desktop and mobile) which put more love and exclusiveness into Swedish. Let´s go!

Learning Swedish vocabulary with WordDive

Talking about exclusiveness, it´s hard not to mention WordDive. With just 10 languages available there, including Swedish, this app is indeed a kind of premium club. A closer look reveals that WordDive comes from Finnland, where Swedish is official along with Finnish. Which also means a strong contribution of the Swedish native speakers to the app. At least I hope so.

Screenshot: worddive.com

The key promise of WordDive is to let you literally “dive” into the vocabulary of the focused language. The method is based on repeated learning and somehow similar to Memrise or Duolingo.

Screenshot: worddive.com

The most distinctive feature of WordDive is sentence examples to each new word. Even though the sentences may appear too difficult for the newbies, they teach to use the words in context from the very beginning.

Screenshot: worddive.com

The daily progress counter showing the exact time you spent on practising is another cool feature of the app. It allows you to create your own schedule and stay organised. The idea behind this method – small pieces of learning material per day – is as old as the language pedagogy. But this is what makes WordDive worth of trying.

Swedish on-demand with Babbel

Babbel is a must-to-have app if you want to learn Swedish online profoundly and not just for fun.

Screenshot: babbel.com
Screenshot: babbel.com

Babbel has a minimalistic design and looks like another vocabulary trainer. What is so special about it?

Screenshot: babbel.com

If you´re ready to invest in a course, you´ll get – apart from the proper training – a set of thematic vocabulary, grammar topics and cultural insights. Besides the possibility to schedule the lessons individually and check the progress, you can save your favourite words to a list and practice them separately.

Free Swedish courses made by the Government

My last discovery – but not a least one – is a free Swedish course created by the Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet). SI is mostly known for various scholarship programmes for students from all over the world. Since the majority of the graduate programmes are in English, many international students start learning Swedish only after arriving in the country. Although the students are the main target group, this course is suitable for every beginner who aims to gain basic conversation skills.

Screenshot: learningswedish.se

Learning Swedish is completely free, but you have to create an account using your email address. The course has three modules, each of them containing chapters with vocabulary and grammar topics. Every chapter consists of theoretical material and a quiz. There are also assessment tests between the modules. Sounds boring, doesn’t it?

In fact, this course reminds a typical schoolbook, except it´s online. This doesn´t mean a disadvantage, of course. But unlike practising Swedish with the previous two programmes, using Learning Swedish requires more patience, in my humble opinion. But if you really like learning Swedish, you will handle everything!

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