German Food Vocabulary: Currywurst

German Food Vocabulary: Currywurst

COVID-19 ist still holding us captive and it made most of us reconsider our plans for 2020. Weekend city trips and open-air concerts are whether cancelled or postponed – with no concrete deadlines. The local businesses, however, are suffering most under the quarantine restrictions. The small shops, bars and restaurants, being once a part of the vivid tourist hotspots, have to stay closed now or operate under strict precautionary measures. The latest are various snack stalls where only a takeaway service is available. When we are talking about the snack stalls (Imbissbuden) in Germany we often refer to doner kebab (Döner) or currywurst (Currywurst) stands which try to keep their liquidity by offering takeaway or delivery services during the quarantine. Nevertheless, there is still a reason for gourmet travellers to be optimistic and start fueling their German food vocabulary for the next trip.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Photo by Simon Tartarotti on Unsplash

The gradual lifting of restrictions from Monday, 20th of April, is the main precondition for that optimism. The kebab and currywurst stalls can extend the takeaway opening hours and thus “stay alive” during the quarantine. Which means, they are more likely to preserve themselves as tourist destinations when the lockdown is over.

For that future scenario, in my first German food vocabulary post, I would like to focus on Currywurst. There is no need to explain how distinctive and authentic this Berlin-born sausage is. After all, I am pretty sure you can deal with Google and Wikipedia as good as I do. But after countless degustation tours in Berlin, I am sure to give you the most useful and up-to-date Currywurst vocabulary ever. Those couple of words and phrases will neither be obsolete whenever you visit Berlin. Feel free to memorize them!

Disclaimer: Although I picked up some terms from various restaurant websites and menus, I am not promoting any of the catering businesses and pursue no commercial profit by publishing this post.

Currywurst Vocabulary Sheet

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