British English Vocabulary from The IT Crowd

British English Vocabulary from The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is one of my best-loved sitcoms ever, and I admit I binge-watch it repeatedly. The story is about two nerdy IT–experts, Roy and Moss, working in a basement of a fictional London company Reynholm Industries. Another main protagonist is Jen, working with Roy and Moss as the Head of IT. All of them manage to get in hilarious situations again and again while Jen is also confronting the attempts of Douglas, company´s executive, to attract her sexually. Although entertainingly, this TV series raised the problem of harassment at the workplace long before MeToo came up.

But all in all, The IT Crowd is a treasure for the lovers of selected British humour. And for English learners, it´s a source of an authentic British vocabulary, including the London-based slang. For this section, I picked up the most distinctive British words you will find in the sitcom. Besides liking them, I am sure that those words would be practical for overall communication. Here we go:

PONY (n)

In informal British English, it means a sum of £25. The main interpretation is HORSE, of course.

He has put a Pony on Liverpool!


Generally speaking, a MAN. The most suitable synonyms could be FELLOW and MATE.

This bloke thinks I´m a window cleaner


A small shop or a garage.

The guys have this lock-up down by the gas works


Damned, damn.

I´ve been speaking too much cockney and I´ve done my blooming neck in


It means “idiot” and is probably the most British from the whole list. Here you can read where does it come from

I am only joking, you muppet

SLAG sb. OFF (v)

Insult someone very heavily.

You can stand there and slag me off all you like. But don´t you start talking about how I feel about my beloved West Ham!

SWANKY (adj)

A posh, luxurious thing or place.

I can´t believe you´ve joined a swanky club

For sure, The IT Crowd has more British English vocabulary examples to offer. But, since I try to target a broader audience, I decided to exclude some vulgar words and phrases. And, of course, other words might have skipped my attention. So, if you watched The IT Crowd already and noticed some fun facts about British slang, don´t hesitate to contact me:

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