Basic Swedish Vocabulary for Easter

Basic Swedish Vocabulary for Easter

According to some sources like or, the celebrating of Easter in Sweden goes back to its religious roots to a much lower extent than, I would say, in the countries of the Middle and Southeast Europe. It means family reunion and the commencement of the Spring rather than a mass in the church. On the other hand, the Easter traditions in Sweden are very deeply intertwined with the featured culture and, in general, the way of life in this Scandinavian land. Well, perhaps, to start the Swedish section of my blog with an Eastern vocabulary wasn´t a very good idea due to the fact that I have to dig more deeply trying to comprehend what Påskris or Påskkärring exactly is.

Nevertheless, the Swedish language offers a variety of words and phrases regarding Easter which are worths learning at the beginning as they describe things and actions taking place in other cultures across Europe. I tried to gather the most useful of them in the vocabulary sheet below and hope you´d enjoy it!


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