App Review: Smart Flashcards From Vocabulary Miner

App Review: Smart Flashcards From Vocabulary Miner

Learning foreign languages using flashcards is one of the oldest methods of memorising vocabulary. However, there is no consensus on whether the flashcard method is the most effective method of learning a new language. Cramming a large number of words, often without any context, may appear boring and even fatiguing. And if you think there are enough software providers in this segment, time after time a newcomer tries to steal the show. My first language learning apps review is about one of them.

Welcome: Vocabulary Miner

Imagine you are learning a foreign language using your flashcards but you are too lazy to digitalize them. Vocabulary Miner, a language learning flashcard app from the Czech Republic, will accomplish this work for you. You just need to download the app on your Android or iOS device and create an account. But before you start, be sure to comprehend the concept.

Vocabulary Miner is based on the principle of spaced repetition, which works as follows: From a certain range of words, you choose between those you know very well and those you still need to practice. Thus, the most difficult words would appear more often during the study process. To see that in details, create your own words package, let´s say, English – German:


Then, fuel the list with the words and, optionally, example sentences:


Now, start learning new words. You will see, that not only the flashcards appear randomly, but also the translation: English-German or German-English:

After passing all the flashcards, you will see the progress chart showing the results depending on whether you choose “No idea”, “I´m not sure” or “I know it”.


In the next session, the words you marked with “No idea”, will appear first. After you learned everything, you may repeat the flashcards in 2 days or to continue again:

All those features are available in the free version of the app. You can also purchase a monthly premium subscription for 1,19 EUR monthly or an annual subscription for 1 EUR monthly. With premium, you can learn offline and download packages created by other users. The packages are currently available in 23 languages and categorized in proficiency levels from A1 to C2.



  • simple design
  • free space for creativity by creating own flashcards
  • possibility to learn words with sentences
  • scientific methods behind the app


  • still no Web App available
  • flashcards packages not for all languages levels available (as the app is still growing, its audience is too small to create peer-to-peer flashcards for every level)
  • not suitable for people who need to type a word in order to remember it faster (like in Memrise or Duolingo)
  • subjective progress assessment (you decide, which word you have learnt for a long period. However, sometimes we THINK we know a word by heart, but forget it in a conversation)

I hope you enjoyed my first language learning app review! Let me know if you want me to test other apps:

Disclaimer: This post doesn´t contain advertising and reflects only my personal experience with the app.

Pictures: All pictures in this post are screenshots from the app Vocabulary Miner made on my mobile phone.

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